We are a relatively young company that believes a better tomorrow depends on all of us. Milaya Capital Limited is entirely owned by its management and it is free from any ownership or control by any banking, financial or insurance organization. Milaya Capital has built its reputation by being fully committed to any dealings which ensures Efficiency and Effectiveness in all aspects of today’s business requirements. We are a dynamic London based venture capital business with a portfolio of exciting brands in retail and property industries recently spread our business to Greece. Even though we are relatively young, our growth across different sectors has been exponential. In all our sectors of operations we hope to improve the daily life of our clients. As an investment company we’re always lookout for exciting new opportunities, to invest in bright people and back ventures that inspire them.

One of our most important goals is to help make the lives of our clients as good as possible. We work in sectors from construction all the way to beauty which allows us to help our clients in many ways.

For our future we hope to grow in the current sectors and conquer new ones. With all our new endeavours in the business world we hope to lead the world to a better tomorrow.

Come and join us in our quest for a better world.

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