Mission & Vision

Our vision is to create a better tomorrow for the generations to come. A world where we can live in a sustainable future, fighting the climate changes. For this reason, in every aspect of the working of our company we insist on being environmentally friendly as much as possible. Cutting down on waste and recycling are some of the main company rules.

We are a relatively young company, but nonetheless our growth has been exponential. Milaya Capital is a dynamic London based venture capital business which has grown fast and evolved into a highly respected masterminds of many sectors as the acclaimed businesses in the UK. Under our investment umbrella various sectors are included:

·         Construction

·         Real Estate

·         Retail Management

·         Hospitality Management

·         Technology and Development


We’re working with multi-lingual and multi-disciplined professionals with weighty expertise. Our newest addition to the family is Milaya Capital Greece. Our company in Greece was opened as the response to the growth our company has reached. We want to easily connect the United Kingdom and the European Union. We believe that by opening offices in Greece we will do just that. Milaya Capital Greece operates in:

·         Paper Bag Manufacturing

·         Hotel Investments


Our mission is by doing small changes in people’s everyday life, to make their life better and inspire them to help build a better tomorrow. With the growth of our company we are contributing to the improvement of the economy and for improving the future.

We see the future of our company in meeting any kind of demand there might arise in any of the fields we are working in. We see ourselves as easily adaptable to the ever-changing world market. Thus, it’s easy for us to meet any demand that may rise in any of the fields we are working in. In the future we plan on expanding in more fields.

We hope that people will join in our vision to create a better tomorrow and help in leading more sustainable lifestyles. As a company we promise to do everything on our part to help them with accomplishing that goal.

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